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Workforce Solutions Plan Modifications – Local and Regional Multi Year 2017-20 Plans


Workforce Solutions for North Central PA is soliciting public input on the Workforce Development Area Local and Regional Plan Modifications in accordance with WIOA Sec. 107 and 20CFR Part 679.   The Workforce Development Area includes the counties of Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, and Potter counties. This plan supports Workforce Solutions (Workforce Development Board) vision of our Workforce Development System for our Region.

The modifications to the local and regional plans include staffing, change in PA CareerLink Operator and new initiatives.

Those wishing to review the plan at our office may do so by contacting Pam Streich, Director of Strategic Planning, at (814-245-1835) or

Comments on the plan will be accepted starting on August 29, 2019 through September 27, 2019. Please e-mail comments to Pam Streich at or mail comments to Workforce Solutions, 425 Old Kersey Road, Kersey, PA 15846.

Workforce Solutions WIOA Local and Regional Plan Modification – Effective Through June 30, 2020.  


Workforce Solutions Local and Regional Plans – PY17

The workforce plan for North Central PA has been approved and can be accessed above.   This plan is in effect for the period of July 1,2017 through June 30, 2018.

Background:  WIOA sets parameters for state, regional, and local workforce development systems throughout the country, mandating resource sharing and alignment of priorities across multiple systems, programs, partners, and providers to ensure a skilled workforce today and in the future. As described in the commonwealth’s WIOA Combined State Plan, workforce development systems in Pennsylvania will invest in innovation, employer engagement, accountability structures, and improved data to create a comprehensive workforce development system consistent with the governor’s strategic vision. Designated areas with plans that are collaboratively developed are better positioned to accomplish the commonwealth’s goals, and to transcend the fragmentation of workforce development programs.

Both regional plan and the local plan provide the framework in defining how a designated area’s workforce development system will achieve the purposes of WIOA. Such action plans develop, align, and integrate the area’s job-driven workforce development systems, and provide the platform to achieve the area’s vision, strategic goals, and operational deliverables. Because a plan is only as effective as the partnerships that implement it, these plans require a shared understanding of the area’s workforce investment needs, a shared vision of how the workforce development system can be designed to meet those needs, and a shared agreement on the key strategies to realize this vision. While both plans identify and describe related activities and concepts, regional and local planning, do so from notably different vantage points.

The previous plan replaces the PY 16 Transitional Plans.

The Department, in consultation with chief elected officials, local workforce development board members, and other executive decision-making officials of required and additional one-stop system partners, created a phased approach to the regional and local planning requirements. This two-part approach required system stakeholders to collectively prepare and submit a transitional regional/local plan for PY 2016 to serve as the foundation for the development of a more robust multi-year regional/local plan for PY 2017 through PY 2019. This adaptation was developed in consideration of the shift in the planning requirements of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) to those required by WIOA, intended to promote integrated planning and system alignment, to ensure compliance with federal and state laws, regulations, and policies, and to support the strategies described in the WIOA Combined State Plan.